White Label Solution

The Plus-Five Gaming white-label solution is perfect for anyone who wants to enter the gaming market but doesn’t want to do it alone. Launching a gaming channel is an extremely complicated product with many pitfalls.Taking a white-label with Plus-Five Gaming allows much of the complexity to be outsourced and can be ready to go live in a matter of few short weeks.

What is white-label gaming?

Simply explained a white-label gaming solution is a gaming channel produced by one company (Plus-Five Gaming) that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they made it. Check out the details below or contact with us.


The key to the solution is that it can be provided to any specifications and is not limited by a one-size-fits-all rigid implementation.

Plus-Five Gaming is powered by the AliQuantum Gaming Platform (AQP). In simple terms it means that any gaming software supplier or payment provider can be integrated into the system and will then become available to any of the Plus-Five Gaming white-labels.

The Plus-Five System provides the interface between the white-label and the AQP. The beauty of the Plus-Five System is that it has been created in such a way as to allow complete flexibility & customisation. This in turn means that a white-label can really take control of its own business rather than trying to work behind a set of enforced restrictions.

So simply put, we create a site based on your design and ‘plug-in’ the content that you choose from the range of games, platforms & providers on offer.


The Plus-Five Gaming solution is powered by the AliQuantum Gaming Platform (AQP).

The AQP started life in 2003 as a Mobile Casino platform, now recognized as the best in the market, in use by operators in over 20 countries.
The AQP Administration system has evolved over time to handle online casino and poker network management, skill gaming, peer-2-peer gaming, betting systems and even IP TV management.

The AQP system has unrivaled Account Management, CRM and reporting facilities, and an Affiliate Management system that can handle both internal Affiliates and those held in External Affiliate Systems such as Egass.

This, coupled with unique multi-branding functionality allowing multiple brands to run from the same system, can maximize revenue generation via the trusted Affiliate route. Of course, features such as multi-currency and multi-language are also provided as standard.

A fine grained permission model allows Administrators, Help Desk staff and Affiliate users access to only those parts of the system that are pertinent to them.

The AQP’s modular design provides a solid base for customers wishing to tailor the system to their exact requirements, allowing them to choose from the best of breed providers while managing customers, affiliates and financial transactions in one platform.


A few from the many reasons why to choose Plus-Five Gaming as your white-label solution are the following:
We are a cool, lovely and epic team and you can not find better partner in the gaming industry and because we have:


Plus-Five Gaming has a class 1 license and it`s powered by Aliquantum Gaming Platform (AQP) which carries a class 4 gaming license. Both of the license are guaranteed from the Malta Gaming Authority in Malta.


Plus-Five Gaming solution means you can add and remove any gaming content you want. It means you can keep your offering fresh and up-dated. As soon as new and exciting branded games are available they can be added to your casino in a sec.


Plus-Five Gaming does not implement a one size fits all approach. Like every woman, every brand is different. We recognize that you have a vision for your own gaming site. We will implement your vision.


Plus-Five Gaming plugs in to an exciting networks that is rich in deep and liquidity. To give your players great experience from the second they start to play.


Plus-Five Gaming solution is multi-lingual and absolutely not limited to English sites and content. The Tower of Babel is not a problem.

Responsible Gaming

Plus-Five Gaming takes his responsibility very seriously. We follow ethical gaming principles as set by GamCare, the industry leading player protection association.

Proven expertise

Plus-Five Gaming is there to help you every step of the day. The Plus-Five Gaming Team has years of experience in the remote gaming industry. Plus-Five Gaming makes sure that all needing help is available.


Plus-Five Gaming complex back-office system helps you to control and protect your casino in 24/7.

Fraud Protection

Plus Five Gaming takes it extremely seriously. We have multiply precautionary to processes in place to restrict underage gaming and clear barriers to block gaming from non-legal jurisdictions – including US.

Mobile Games

Not only the future but the present is based on the mobile gaming. Plus-Five Gaming was one of the first company who offered mobile solution.You can be sure that your player will get the same experience on mobile as they get on desktop.



Our Partners

Pragmatic Play


Payment Providers

Plus-Five Gaming is integrated with all the major payment methods meaning that – whatever method preferred by your customers – Plus-Five Gaming has it covered. These names and Plus-Five Gaming are the guarantee that all the payment methods are secure and safe.

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Do you miss any payment methods? Let us know, it`s not a problem at all. Plus-Five Gaming can easily integrate any other local payment processor depending on your requirements.