The Platform

Plus-Five Gaming has the best in market platform powered by Ali-Quantum Gaming, sister company of Plus-Five Gaming. 

The AQP is  flexible & comprehensive, it can easily be purchased as a bespoke instance, tailored to each client requirements with the latest and hottest new games. AQP is the best platform in the market, that is developed with the latest technology and the wide range of features.


Online, Mobile or Kiosk or …


The standard for all remote gaming operations. With cross browser support, Plus-Five Gaming offers flash based and HTML gaming at its very best.



The mobile phone gaming market is one of the hottest and most talked about markets in the world. It is not a secret anymore that more than 50% of the online gaming revenues will come via mobile.

Plus-Five Gaming offers a vast range of mobile compatible games from a number of leading game suppliers and the ability to fully customize your own online gaming site to mobile site. Plus-Five Gaming makes sure that the players is getting the same quality and feeling to play on mobile or on tablet as on a desktop.



Innovative technology solutions allow Plus-Five Gaming to provide an entire gaming system to individual remote stations allowing a series of gaming consoles to be set up within a shop or anywhere you want.

Plus-Five Demo-Casino

p5.casinoPlus-Five Gaming demo casino offers fully branded and customized gaming sites but do not has it`s own operation. The reason is simple. We want to focus on what we are the best in! Unless we set up the Plus-Five Gaming demo casino where you can check and play with our games!